Bigger front wheel

Bigger front wheel

Bigger 26" quality components bicycle front wheel for better offroad-aimed Sur-Ron geometry. 26inch bicycle wheel size equals ~21inch motorcycle wheel size. Almost 2kg or 4.4lbs less heavier compared to original 19" wheel. The bigger front wheel from SurRonshop withstands higher pressure than Sur-Ron factory 19" wheel and the MTX rim is stronger.


Components list: 

  • Sun ringle MTX 39 rim.
  • Velobox DH 36 spokes hub.
  • DT Champion 2.0 spokes.
  • Motorcycle 21x2.8 or 21x3.0 inner tire.
  • Outer tire can be selected out of the photos list.
  • The price tag is in dollars US worldwide delivery included.


Bigger front wheel pros:

+Saves bike weight (almost 2kg or 4.4lbs difference compared to original 19" wheel)

+Longer wheel free-spin

+Greater off-road performance (improvement in passing obstacles and sitting/standing position) 

+Similar components durability


Bigger front wheel cons:

-Worse wet asphalt grip

-Limited tire choice


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