52ah60v Sur-Ron battery

52ah60v Sur-Ron battery

Doubles the range or triples the power output of the Sur-Ron with SinTech controller on-board.

Battery specifications:

  • 52ah60v 
  • 250 amps (5c peak discharge) // 18.000w peak power output 
  • 16.7kg weight
  • Li-NMC LG pouch cells
  • Percentage and voltage reading LCD screen integrated in the battery cap
  • Internals filled with resin compound for water or vibrations protection 
  • Compatible with factory wiring and charger


Direct fit into the Sur-Ron battery spacing with a use of an extended battery cap clip that is included in the kit.


Recently 2 of our batteries were sent to our first foreign customers from USA (Hawaii and Denver). Once their batteries arrive (~30 days is the delivery time), we will open worldwide sales. What is more, we offer the following battery purchase conditions: right now we accept 100$ refundable battery waitlist-entering deposits and give a 100$ discount on the battery purchase to the customer who entered a waitlist. In that case, total payment would be 1700$ (battery) +700$ (delivery). If you are interested in battery purchase please email us at SurRonshop.order@gmail.com and we will be glad to accept your waitlist-entering deposit. 


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