52ah60v 18kw battery

52ah60v 18kw battery

Doubles the range of a factory Sur-Ron // Segway bike or triples the power output of the Sur-Ron with powerful controller on-board (SinTech, Nucular, BAC4000 or BAC8000 and others).

Battery specifications:

  • 52ah60v (60+ miles on a single charge in sport mode of the factory controller)
  • 260 amps (5c peak discharge) // 18.000w peak power output tested
  • 16.7kg weight
  • Li-NMC LG pouch cells
  • Percentage and voltage reading LCD screen integrated in the battery cap
  • Internals filled with resin compound for water or vibrations protection 
  • Compatible with factory controller, wiring and charger
  • Bluetooth interface for battery data monitoring using a smartphone app


Battery kit contains: battery, longer cap clip, spare connectors.


Fits into the Sur-Ron battery spacing with a use of an extended battery cap clip that is included in the kit. No frame grinding! Bottom plastic tray can be removed to let the cap close with a factory clip as well.

Purchase conditions are as following: 1700$ is the price of a battery, shipment costs vary from 600$ to 1200$ per one battery depending on country and ~1000-1500$ for 2-3 batteries in one parcel. It is possible to ship no more than 3 batteries to one person. We accept battery payment first, calculate shipment after battery is packed and request delivery payment later so that the customer does not overpay.


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