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72v & 60v powerful batteries

72v & 60v powerful batteries

Upgraded batteries from CHIBATTERYSYSTEMS.


Meet the lineup of solid built, reliable & powerful batteries available for purchase from our partner based in USA with 5% discount code «SurRonshop»! 


•Gladiator 60 Max — 60ah60v Flagship Sur-Ron Battery Upgrade. This battery changes the game in terms of power - made to meet the needs of the most aggressive riders, from stock controllers to aftermarket ones. 


•Gladiator 60 Touring — 70ah60v beast battery! Looking to push the limits of adventure? The Gladiator 60 Touring might be the perfect battery for you. Boasting 70 Ah of battery capacity, getting more than double the range is a breeze. The highest Amp Hour production battery on the market!


•Gladiator X60 Compact — 51ah60v direct fit-in lightweight battery. Meet the Gladiator 60 Compact, our drop-in battery for Sur-Ron! This battery is designed to be a simple plug & play solution so you can get more from your bike without extra hassle - drop right in and swap anytime. Double your range!


•Gladiator R60 Endurance — 60ah60v direct fit-in battery. Meet the Gladiator 60 Endurance, drop-in battery available for the Sur-ron! This battery is perfect for the city commuter. Meant for those looking to extend their adventures without hassle. Packed with capacity, the 60 Endurance manages to keep a small profile despite its capacity. That means it can be easily installed and removed as needed. Enjoy over double the range!


•Gladiator X72 Compact - 38ah72v little monster battery! Meet the Gladiator 72 Compact, perfect for the high-speed adventure seeker and stunt rider. Unlock new potential by upgrading to a 72V system! This battery is a higher voltage and requires the use of an aftermarket controller to make it compatible, as well as a 72V charger. Built to be drop-in for ease of use.


•Gladiator 72 Max - 51ah72v battery like no other, with near limitless potential. With speed, power, and range, the 72 Max has it all. This battery is a higher voltage and requires the use of an aftermarket controller to make it compatible, as well as a 72V charger. 


Batteries come in a stainless steel cover optionally (+100$ to final price). Fast chargers are available for both 60v & 72v (200$ option). 


To purchase with discount, apply «SurRonshop» code at checkout on CBS website or visit


CBS company is a reputable well-established batteries manufacturer in the USA. SurRonshop team recommends doing business with this company for buying reliable and well-made batteries for Sur-Ron or Segway electric bikes.

Check out EU store with worldwide shipping and online checkout! []

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