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Motorcycle wheels & wheelsets

Motorcycle wheels & wheelsets

Upgraded wheels with knobby tyres improve traction and control of the Sur-Ron on offroad terrain. Using the links below, choose wheel upgrade option that suits your preferences. Please, contact us on social media if you have any questions!

Sold worldwide and test proven by hundreds of customers these are the best quality/price ratio wheels offer on the market. Upgraded, reinforced rims stained with anodizing process gives them more scratch and corrosion-resistant surface than factory wheels paint. Super strong upgraded stainless steel spokes and double size nipples lanced with 3-cross spoke pattern makes Milk Racing wheels strong enough to withstand more than what Sur-Ron bike can stand. 


18” and 16” 1.85 wide wheel features:
1. You can put knobby and wide tire which gives the best possible grip
2. You have more tire options than on OEM (factory) 19"x1.40 wheel
3. Better for trail riding - 18"/16” tire is fatter so you can also go with less pressure and it is more resistant to punctures
4. 18"/16” tire is more flexible giving more traction on a difficult surface like rocks etc. 
5. Main wheel weight is closer to the rotation centre which means less power to rotate the wheel -> longer range than on 19" with a similar tire
6. 18”x1.85 is the same diameter as OEM 19” which means you have more rubber to work for you on trials
7. 16”x1.85 is smaller meaning more torque without sprocket change

Front 21”x1.60 wheel features:
1. Much better ability to roll over obstacles - wheel hit an obstacle at a higher point that makes a lower angle of attack than on a smaller wheel
2. A bigger front wheel gives you a more comfortable ride on bumpy terrain
3. Allows you to ride on terrain that may even have been out of bounds on smaller wheels
4. Increases stability and confidence on off-road tracks
5. Much more knobby fat tires to choose from than for OEM 19”x1.40 wheel
6. Higher front makes the bike comfortable for tall riders
7. Corrects head tube angle for better front suspension angle of attack
8. Bigger diameter means more surface touching the ground which gives even more grip
9. Better hub than OEM – super sealed with additional o-rings


Milk Racing offers tire fitting in standard so wheels come Plug&Play ready to ride straight from the box. What's more, as a direct producer, they provide customization such as colour combinations, dishing and other.



Dear SurRonshop customers, in order to purchase this product with 5% discount please visit original supplier using the links below and apply "SURRONSHOP" discount code at checkout.


Wheels options:






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