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Nucular 12F 10kw controller

Nucular 12F 10kw controller

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Maximum power: 10.000w

Nominal power:  5.000w

Voltage range: 20-90V

Phase, max: 250A

Battery, max: ~150A

Supply out: 12V 1A

Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 80°C

Phase wires: 8AWG XT150

Battery wires: 10AWG XT190

Control modes: Square, sensorless, FOC, charger

Protection: Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection

Sleep current less: <300uA

Protection class: IP54

Size, without wires: 86х43х125 mm

Weight: 640 g


Price tag is in dollars US worldwide 7-30days delivery included. 

Advantages if install on sur-ron:
+Higher top speed
+3 programmable ride modes (2 if use sport/ep switch)
+Regenerative braking
+Informative display

Disadvantages if install on sur-ron:
-Slightly slower acceleration from low speeds (phase amps lack)
-If need a plug n play kit price will be increased by 100$ (for sur-ron wiring and connectors repin)