SinTech Sur-Ron 25kw controller

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On the stock sur ron bike battery controller upgrade gives a good additional ~2000watts or +20-30% power of acceleration, top speed and range improvements and some nice features like reverse gear or regenerative braking. Controller kit comes with installation instructions as well as setup instructions and sur-ron connectors are preinstalled to make installation process easier.


Accepting 40-60 days preorders! We accept 100$ now and 900$ when the unit is ready or 925$ now with 75$ discount. 7-30 days shipping included!

Comes with Sur-Ron connectors and regenerative braking throttle preinstalled. Setup via computer software using bluetooth interface. Plug n play installation! 


Technical specifications:

  • Max power: 25000w+
  • Nominal power: 17000w
  • Voltage range: 60-86v (up to 20s battery compatible) or 60-106v (up to 25s battery compatible)
  • Max battery current: 300a
  • Working temperature: -20+45 Celsius 
  • Efficiency: 95-97%
  • Digital outputs: 3
  • Analog outputs: 2
  • Position sensor interfaces: SSI. UVW, AB
  • Communication interfaces: RS232, CAN
  • Supported motors: PMSM, ACIM, DC
  • Control modes: FOC, BLDC. Sensorless FOC
  • Features: Display coming soon, works in StepUp
  • Protection functions: Phase current, supply voltage, overheating of the power unit, overheating of the load, phase failure.


Compared to nucular controller SinTech has an important advantage: it has better software that works very good with motors and thus this controllers’ performance is better on sur-ron. What is more, sintech got a throttle curve selection. This lets you set your throttle response precisely up to your preferences. As for disadvantages - SinTech has no display at the moment and is a bit bigger and heavier. It sets up via Bluetooth through computer, but the good thing is - controller developer can set it for you remotely.


SinTech controller for Sur-Ron links:

1) Controller installation instructions:

2) Computer software and video setup instructions:


3) Written computer setup instructions: