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SinTech 25kw controller

SinTech 25kw controller

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On the stock Sur-Ron // Segway battery SinTech gives additional ~2000watts or +20-30% acceleration boost as well as top speed/range improvements and features such as reverse gear, powerful regenerative braking and up to 3 customizable power profiles. Controller kit comes with step by step installation & setup instructions and Sur Ron connectors are preinstalled to simplify installation process.



  • Cheapest power, top speed and range upgrade 
  • Allows full customization by user. Tune power profiles manually or try recommended preset!
  • Plug n Play kit, you can install it yourself!
  • Enjoy unique features:
  1. User-friendly smartphone app & computer software
  2. Powerful regen braking can be binded to brake sensors. Use only front brake to lock both wheels!
  3. Activate reverse gear to easily get yourself out of the tight spot!
  4. Push the limits of regen braking: highest rate can lock the wheel at speed!
  5. Learn more about your bike: track motor/controller temperature, amps and power in real time!
  6. Gain full control: adjust throttle and braking curve, set temperature limits and much more!
  7. Manually adjust speed recognition to be as accurate as GPS!
  • Compatible with stock bike display or dash panel to show speed
  • Compatible with all bike sensors: brake, kickstand, tilt & fall
  • Capable of 3x more power with upgraded battery (more than stock motor can handle)
  • Comes with free technical support from SurRonshop founder. Remote tune is a free service!
  • Comes with phase wires hardware (bolts, nuts, heat shrink) and a regenerative braking throttle
  • Comes with 1 year warranty*


*SinTech controller comes with 1-year warranty: in case of a failure where power board inspection shows no signs of controller abuse, customer will receive a controller replacement/repair service & one-way shipping for free.


Additional heatsink option

Optional extra black heatsink improves design and heat dissipation of the Sintech controller. With a 6 times larger surface area, the heatsink ensures stable performance in difficult ride conditions with no air cooling support: high-grade uphills, low speed climbs and other hard enduro performance. Recommended for pro riders.


Link to video review & feedback from customer:


SinTech controller for Sur-Ron links:

1) Controller installation instructions (photo)


2) Controller installation instructions (video)

3) Computer software and setup instructions, connection schematics


4) Controller step-by-step setup instructions


Warning! In case you run a discharge-bypassed battery management system, the RED precharge control wire of SinTech controller has to be connected into the Sur-Ron circuit breaker according to connection schematics.


Technical specifications:

  • Max power: 25000w
  • Nominal power: 17000w
  • Voltage range: 60-106v (up to 25s battery compatible*)
  • Max battery current: 300a
  • Max phase current: 450a (500a+ short bursts)
  • Working temperature: -20+45 Celsius
  • Efficiency: 95-97%
  • Digital outputs: 3
  • Analog outputs: 2
  • Position sensor interfaces: SSI. UVW, AB
  • Communication interfaces: RS232, CAN
  • Supported motors: PMSM, ACIM, DC, DC with ENCODER
  • Control modes: FOC, BLDC, Sensorless, FOC
  • Protection functions: phase current, supply voltage, overheating of the power unit, overheating of the main board, phase failure

*please clarify available voltage range when you purchase


Accepting 30 days preorders! Controller price excludes display and shipping. If you would like a kit with display, please let us know in your email at


Shipping options:

1) Standard shipping (7-30 days average arrival time, costs 50$ for controlller & 15$ for extra items)


2) Standard shipping (air) (7-21 days average arrival time, costs 85$ for controlller & 15$ for extra items)

3) Expedited EMS shipping (7-14 days average arrival time, costs 115$ for controller & 25$ for extra items)

Please keep in mind that packages can get delayed due to covid impact on the worldwide shipping, but all our shipments eventually arrive. We personally track every package and inform when it reaches destination country for customers’ convenience. 


Please clarify items availability with us before you place an order. We don't accept orders through website due to comission fees. Feel free to email us at or send a message on facebook [] to proceed with the order or ask a question!


Do not hesitate to contact us for discount information, multiple orders get up to 200$ off!


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