SinTech 25kw controller

SinTech 25kw controller

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On the stock sur ron bike battery controller upgrade gives a good additional ~2000watts or +20-30% power of acceleration, top speed and range improvements and some nice features like reverse gear or regenerative braking. Controller kit comes with installation instructions as well as setup instructions and sur-ron connectors are preinstalled to make installation process easier.


Accepting 40-60 days preorders! Controller total price is 975$ excluding display and shipping. If you would like a kit with display, please let us know in your email at

Controller plug n play kit comes with Sur-Ron connectors preinstalled, phase wires connection hardware and a regenerative braking throttle. Controller setup can be done using computer software via bluetooth interface. Controller can be set up for the customer remotely.


Technical specifications:

  • Max power: 25000w+
  • Nominal power: 17000w
  • Voltage range: 60-106v (up to 25s battery compatible)
  • Max battery current: 300a
  • Max phase current: 450a (up to 600a with warranty loss)
  • Working temperature: -20+45 Celsius 
  • Efficiency: 95-97%
  • Digital outputs: 3
  • Analog outputs: 2
  • Position sensor interfaces: SSI. UVW, AB
  • Communication interfaces: RS232, CAN
  • Supported motors: PMSM, ACIM, DC
  • Control modes: FOC, BLDC. Sensorless FOC
  • Features: Display coming soon, works in StepUp
  • Protection functions: Phase current, supply voltage, overheating of the power unit, overheating of the load, phase failure.


Compared to SinTech or nucular 24f controllers, Bac8000 is definitely more powerful. We think it is a great controller choice as well, however it is not possible to realize it’s potential on the sur-ron factory motor. Thus, we can claim that all these 3 controllers are pretty much similar in terms of power output. That is why it is more important to compare the feedback and affordability of these controllers. With a trusted BAC controllers dealer there should not be any negative controller experience, however we often read negative reviews on BAC controllers technical support from our customers. SurRonshop works as a distributor of SinTech controller. We are responsible for technical support and warranty fix and our goal is to fully satisfy each SinTech controller customer. In case you have a controller failure and our technical specialist confirms it’s our fault, not only we offer a free repair, but also we cover delivery cost from you to us and backwards. As for nucular 24f controller - we work as a reseller of units that we find being for sale in local e-bikes community. We still offer technical support for this controller and can help you set it up, but you would have to contact official tech support telegram chat if you have any extraordinary questions or issues with nucular controller.


SinTech controller for Sur-Ron links:

1) Controller installation instructions:

2) Computer software and video setup instructions:


3) Written computer setup instructions:


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