Reinforced rear linkage

Reinforced rear linkage

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Sur-Ron rear progression linkage is an element that holds big pressure during jumps and other offroad performance. Factory part is made from relatively cheap aluminum material that may break into 2 different peaces after excessive load on landing. SurRonshop offers a reinforced steel linkage part as well as a 30mm bike lift linkage version as well (sharper lower linkage part angle results in the bike lift). Item is available in metallic/grey or black paint finish. The linkage part comes with caproloctane bushings instead of bearings (do not apply any lubricant!).


  • Reinforced material
  • Sharper angle for 30mm bike clearance gain
  • 2 color options: stock metallic/grey color or black paint finish.
  • Internal cutout for lightweight
  • Does not affect suspension functioning
  • The price tag is in dollars US standard 7-30 days delivery included
  • Expedited 2-3 days DHL shipping possible


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