Sur-Ron 37ah72v ~19kw battery

Sur-Ron 37ah72v ~19kw battery

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Custom made battery from Moscow, Russia. 6 months of testing technology. Very rare elements type.


Tech specs:

  • 37ah 20s1p (84v peak)
  • 260a peak current 
  • Ant BMS 300a
  • 14kg (30 pounds) weight
  • Fully waterproof
  • Bluetooth setup possible.
  • Charge time: up to 60 min


Build technology:

The battery is covered by a 3d printed casing filled with resin compound to make the battery fully waterproof and protect it's elements from vibrations.


The lightest and most powerful tuned battery upgrade possible for the Sur-Ron. Accepting 50% reservation payment. Production time up to 60 days (usually faster, depending on components availability). Price includes battery, build work, setup and charger. The price does not include shipping.